Earth saving tips

Tips to save the planet.

1.Turn off the tap while you are still brushing your teeth. use a glass or cup instead of just cupping the water with your hands.

2.If you are going somewhere alone and there are many public utility vehicles going in the same direction, commute instead of using a car.

3.Instead of burning raked leaves, bury them. It will be good for the soil.

4.Do not litter, ever. Saving our planet is not just about saving energy but also helping keeping it clean.

5.In going to the market, carry with you a reusable bag instead of putting your grocery in a plastic or paper bag.

6.Use compact fluorescent lightbulbs. They save more energy than incandescent ones.

7.Turn off the lights when you go to sleep.

8.Use a pail of water and dipper instead of a water hose in cleaning your car. This will save much water.

9.Keep healthy snacks in your car so that you do not need to go to drive throughs and waste gas in doing so.

10.Instead of wasting precious gas, time, effort and paper in sending a letter, use email instead. Whether it is for applying to a job or sending personal letters, email would be faster and uses less resources.

11.Instead of using a water hose to clean your sidewalk or garage, use a broom to conserve water.

12.Eat more raw foods such as fruits and vegetables instead of cooking foods which take a lot of time to cook.

13.Maximize the use of paper space. Try to use smaller handwriting and do not skip pages.

14.If you need to use batteries, buy the rechargeable ones.

15.Use smaller pots when cooking smaller portions of food.

16.Use eco-friendly cleaning products instead of toxic ones.

17.Instead of sending cards, send e-cards to save paper.

18.Car pooling is a good way to save on gas. It also gives you an opportunity to socialize with other people.

19.Do not just throw something you do not use anymore. Try to think of ways of recycling it. You can also sell it or give it to someone who might need it.

20.If you can, convert your engine to make your car suitable for bio fuel.

21.Use dynamo flashlights instead of those that use batteries.

22.In watering your plants, use water used in washing your veggies and fruits.

23.If you are in the car and waiting for someone, turn it off when you think you will have to wait longer than a minute.

24.Plant trees and plants in your garden. If you do not have a yard or garden, at least plant them in pots. They beautify the surroundings and clean the air.

25.Support the cause of saving Mother Earth by writing about it in blogs, forums, social networks, etc.

26.When it rains, put out buckets to save the rainwater. You can use the water saved in cleaning the garage or the doghouse.

27.Instead of using tissue to clean up the table or other things, use a reusable/washable rag.

28.Only use the dishwasher when it is already full.

29.If you are going somewhere nearby, avoid using a car or motor vehicles. Walk or use a bike instead. It would even do your body good.

30.Unplug your appliances when you are not using them to save electricity.

31.Clean up. Clean your house, your yard, your sidewalk.

32.Do not burn plastics and tires.

33.Avoid using hairsprays. They are not good both for the environment and your hair as well.

34.Pray that everyone will be aware of the current state of our planet, making them act to save the planet.

35.Vegetable oils should be stored in the fridge because it easily loses its flavor.

36.When it is cold, try wearing sweaters first before deciding if you need to turn on the heater.